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Should I Get a Natural Latex Mattress?

Should I Get a Natural Latex Mattress?

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Natural Latex: Understanding Its Sleep Advantages

Make your next new mattress the best possible mattress.

There are lots of options when it comes to mattress materials and designs (innerspring, memory foam, pillow top, etc.). Each type has different properties that make it particularly suited for a certain type of sleeper. As you search for your type, be sure to consider the advantages of a natural latex mattress. It could be the option that finally upgrades the quality of your sleep night after night.
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stress and sleep

5 Tips to Manage Stress and Improve Sleep

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Stress and Sleep Don’t Mix – Put Yourself in a Restful State

Take steps when you’re awake to improve the experience when you’re not

It doesn’t matter how tired you are, if you’re feeling stressed out you will find it harder to get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested. There is a strong link between stress and sleep, and worry and anxiety are two of the most notorious sleep thieves. If you are feeling a lot of stress and suddenly finding it harder to get the rest you need, try out these five simple, effective tips:

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Perfect Sleep Environment

Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

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Improve Your Sleep Environment for a Better Night of Sleep

Eliminate the elements that distract you from resting

Minor annoyances can make it a real challenge to sleep at night – a little bit of light, too much sound, temperature that is off by just a little. That’s why it’s so important to consider your entire sleep environment. If it’s not perfect, you will get less sleep and less quality sleep night after night which has a real impact on your health and mood. Each person has their own ideal sleep environment, but there are some factors that everyone should consider:
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Sleep you need with a Newborn

How to Get the Sleep YOU Need with a Newborn in the House

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Effective Ways for Babies AND Parents to Get Great Sleep

Well rested Moms and Dads make for better Moms and Dads

Any parent will tell you that the only thing that approaches the excitement of having a newborn at home is the exhaustion of having a newborn at home. They may be little bundles of joy, but small babies are also incredibly needy and have no concept at all of the time. That makes it a nightly challenge for parents to get a full night of quality sleep, or anything approaching such a thing. If this is a dilemma you are currently facing or are about to face, here are some tips to help you get the rest you need:
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upgrade your teen's bed

Should You Upgrade Your Teen’s Bed?

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A Quality Mattress is Important for Teen Sleep

Deep, restful sleep at night leads to better performance during the day

Sleep is incredibly important for teenagers. You may think your teen has no trouble at all getting enough sleep, but the reality is that many teens don’t sleep enough and don’t get quality sleep. That can have wide reaching consequences that you may be blaming on another cause. Look for the signs discussed below. If you notice these behaviors in your teen, it may be time to upgrade their bed.
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improve your Children's Bedtime

Tips to Improve Your Children’s Bedtime Routine

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An Easier Children’s Bedtime Routine for Both Parents and Kids

Help your children get the deep sleep they need

All parents know that children’s bedtime can be anything but restful. Often this part of the night is accompanied by tantrums and tears, and even when the child gets into bed, it can take them a long time to finally fall asleep. This is stressful on parents, and it’s tough on kids when they don’t get the sleep they need to support their active lives. The good news is that there are simple strategies you can use to make things easier on everyone. Here are five tips to improve your children’s bedtime:
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Comfortable Sleep When Pregnant

How to Get Comfortable Sleep When Pregnant

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Effective Sleep Tips and Sleep Positions During Pregnancy

Get better sleep for your health and mood

Getting a full night of deep, restful sleep is really important when you’re pregnant. Unfortunately, being pregnant makes it more difficult to sleep, and pregnant women often spend more of the night tossing and turning than they do resting. If you have been struggling to sleep, try using these tips and speed positions during pregnancy:
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sleeping in separate beds

Sleeping in Separate Beds: 3 Reasons It Can Help You Sleep

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Should You be Sleeping in Separate Beds?

Outside the box (or bed) ideas to help you sleep

There are few things that make you feel close and connected to someone as sharing the same bed. And for many people, a partner next to them at night is a soothing presence that becomes essential for getting a good night of sleep. But for some others, that bedmate may be exactly what is causing them to get fitful, restless sleep. If you have been struggling to get the rest you need, it may be time to consider sleeping in separate beds. Here’s are three reasons why:

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