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Mattress Topper Benefits

Unexpected Mattress Topper Benefits

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If you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep through the night, you’re not alone. Many people continue to sleep on beds that are too firm, too soft, or too hot because they don’t want to have to splurge on a whole new mattress. But you should know that you can start sleeping more comfortably simply by using a mattress topper. Mattress topper benefits are plenty, and you’ll see a big change in the quality of your sleep as soon as you try one. Read More

What is a sleep disturbance

What is a Sleep Disturbance?

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Let’s face it: Not many of us wake up feeling refreshed every morning. For various reasons, we have nights where we can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, or simply wake up feeling like we never slept at all. Because sleepless nights are so common, it makes sense to examine what might be going on to cause such sleep disturbances. There may be things you can do to make them happen less frequently. Read More

Stages of Sleep

What Are the Five Stages of Sleep? Outlining a Full Sleep Cycle

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In our busy lives, most of us don’t make enough time to sleep. We work, run kids to activities, try to squeeze in some exercise, meet up with friends, and sometimes allow ourselves to enjoy much-needed downtime in front of the TV or while reading a book. But sleep is often a last priority, so we close our eyes later than we should and open them much too early. It’s important to understand that we have to sleep long enough each night in order for sleep to do its job, but what exactly should our bodies be doing?  Read More

Healthy sleep positions

Healthy Sleep Positions to Try vs. Those to Avoid

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Healthy Sleep Positions

Let’s face it: Bad habits are hard to break, and sleeping in the wrong position is no exception. You may have slept the same way your whole life, so changing that now can be nearly impossible. But whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you should know which positions are healthiest, why improper sleep positions are bad for you, and what changes you should make to help your body rest its best.    Read More

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