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College Boy Moving to a dorm while his parents is helping

College Dorm Room Essentials | The Must Have List

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Make your first dorm room feel like home. Heading off to college for the first time can produce both excitement and anxiety. As much as you’re eager to make new friends, experience a new environment, and embrace college life, it’s hard not to be nervous about moving away from home and being away from everything that’s familiar. An easy way to ease this anxiety is to create a dorm room space where you feel comfortable, basically a home away from home. Read More

Laptop and Cellphone on the table

Dorm Life 101: Prepare for College with these Insider Tips

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Combine the fun of the dorms with the comforts of home. Living in the dorms is not always easy. The spaces are cramped, messes and odors can get out of control, noises come from all sides, and privacy is a precious commodity. This is an experience familiar to hundreds of thousands of former college students, and they’ve figured out clever ways to prepare for college that make life in the dorms a lot easier to bear.

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College dorm room with a laptop and head set on the table

3 Reasons a Mattress Topper is a Dorm Room Must-Have

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Your Dorm Room is Not Complete Without a Mattress Topper

A dorm room essential you’ll be thankful for every night. In the frantic lead up to a new semester at college, it’s easy to mix up the essentials with the things that are better left at home. You know that you’ll want to bring comfortable bedding including extra-long sheets, soft pillows, and warm blankets. But all of those items are only as comfortable as the mattress they’re placed on, and in many cases, dorm room mattresses are less than comfortable. Read More

Room with a desk couch and a small chair

Tips for Living in a Dorm: How to Maximize Dorm Space

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Avoid feeling cramped in even the smallest space. Even the largest dorm rooms are still pretty small, especially when you’re sharing them with roommates. When you throw in all the things people need to live comfortably away from home, it’s easy to feel like sardines packed into a can. The good news is that maximizing dorm space is not as hard as it seems. Try the following tips once you head off to school.

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