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Egg Crate vs Memory Foam Toppers

Egg Crate vs. Memory Foam Toppers: A Mattress Topper Comparison

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It would be nice if every mattress were absolutely perfect. But some mattresses are too firm or don’t offer enough support to relieve pain, or even worse—they actually cause you to wake up in pain.  Luckily, mattress toppers or pads can help make a stiff, unsupportive bed much more comfortable. The purpose of a mattress topper or mattress pad is to improve sleep quality without having to buy a whole new bed.

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Two friends in a dorm room watching something on their computer screen.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in College Dorms

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It’s no surprise that college dorms are a breeding ground for bed bugs. With students from all over the country hauling in their belongings from home or recent travels, the pesky creatures simply have to hitchhike in on a backpack or suitcase and make themselves right at home. We’re uncovering the truths about preventing bed bugs in college dorms before you move in. Read More

Living with a Roommate in College DormTopper

Quick Advice for Living with a Roommate in College

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Besides a brother or a sister, the first person you’ll be sharing a room with is probably your college roommate. While movies and TV shows sometimes make living with a roommate look like loads of fun, the truth is that being stuck in a small room with someone day in and day out has its challenges. To make living with a roommate in college a little easier, it helps to know how to find a roommate you can get along with, and what it takes to keep from getting on each other’s nerves for the next nine months. Read More

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A Senior’s Guide for the End of the School Year

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With summer break just a couple months away, you may be making plans for a vacation or to hang out with friends. As much fun as that is, keep in mind that it’s really important to keep up your grades until the end of the school year if you want what’s best for your future. Here are some things you should be doing to stay productive before the last day of school. Read More

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Wellness Tips to Keep You Out of the Campus Clinic

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When you sleep just a few feet away from someone and use the same sink, shower, and towels, it’s hard to avoid picking up germs in your dorm room. And let’s not even think about all the viruses that linger on the classroom desks you use every day. But with cases of the flu and other nasty illnesses on the rise this year, you should take measures to keep yourself healthy as best as you can if you don’t want to end up missing important classes.  Read More

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