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College Life

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Hearing School Bells? 10 Dorm Room Essentials to Survive College

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While people now attend college at higher rates than ever before, 20 percent of them don’t make it to graduation. Of course, there are many reasons a college student may not graduate. But one small way you can help ensure your success is by buying the right dorm room essentials. Why do dorm essentials make a difference? Your dorm is one of the places you’ll spend the most time in college. You’ll sleep, snack, and socialize in your dorm. And you may also find yourself tackling most of your class reading and assignments in that small space.

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DormTopper Comes In All Bed Sizes To Keep You Comfy No Matter What Mattress You Have

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If you’re looking for the best memory foam mattress topper to help you sleep during your college years, we’ve got it! Whether you’re in a frat house that supplied a used mattress for you or you’re sleeping in an apartment on the cheapest mattress you could afford, you’ll benefit from the best mattress topper for college kids. It comes in all sizes so you’ll get great sleep wherever you are!

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Beloit Mattress Dorm Mattress Topper Before And After Putting It On A Dorm Bed

A Mattress Pad For Your Dorm Room And Beyond

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If you plan to get any shut-eye while living away at school, there’s a good chance you’ll need a dorm mattress topper. College mattresses are nothing but stiff slabs of foam filled with germs from the last three students who slept on them, so it’s not easy to get the rest you need OR stay healthy while lying directly on the dorm bed. We have a solution for improving your comfort so you can sleep soundly during your college years, so keep reading to find out the details!

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Balancing Work and School as a College Freshman

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Whether your parents are footing the bill for your freshman year of college or you’ve taken out a student loan, you most likely need to make money for books, food, or anything fun you want to do. Hopefully, you’ve found a job with flexible hours, but if you’re having trouble balancing work and school, take a look at these tips before your grades start to fall.

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Overcoming Procrastination with These Back to School Tips

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Let’s face it: after sleeping in for the last few weeks at home, none of us wants to crawl out of our cozy beds and head to school. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after college break, but it’s also not an option to keep being lazy and miss important assignments. To prevent yourself from falling behind in your second semester, here are some back to school tips for rekindling your interest in classes and overcoming procrastination. Read More

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