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Mattress Basics

a woman stretching after waking up happily on a memory foam mattress

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

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When you’re shopping for a new bed, it can be hard to decide whether you want a memory foam mattress or an innerspring model. If you have joint and muscle pain or often wake up when your partner moves, you owe it to yourself to discover why experts recommend memory foam and to find out about the best memory foam mattress available in Beloit.

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mother and baby smiling with each other on a bed with mattress protectors

Do you really need Mattress Protectors?

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Your mattress is a big investment — one that you’ll want to protect for many years to come. You definitely don’t want spills or allergens to reduce the life of your mattress, and it’s not easy to clean a mattress by hand. The right mattress protector prevents moisture, bed bugs and dust mites from settling into your bed while still allowing you to enjoy the comfort benefits of your mattress. There are mattress protectors that cover the top your bed while enhancing comfort, mattress protectors that fit around the bed like a sheet, and those that completely seal out allergens by zipping around the mattress. When you shop at Beloit Mattress, you’ll rest peacefully on a clean, healthy sleep surface whether you need a mattress protector for your king, queen, full or twin bed.

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christmas-themed mattress with pillows

Save Big This Holiday Season With Beloit Mattress Deals

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If you’re planning to buy your son a new mattress or give yourself the gift of great sleep this holiday season, you’ve probably been searching for mattress deal online. You’ll find amazing prices every day on luxurious handmade mattresses at Beloit, but we’ll also throw in our mattress store coupons that save you even more! Find out how to get the best mattress deals and start saving today!

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a family lying on a bed enjoying a mattress sale

An Everyday Mattress Sale That Will Give You Great Sleep

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You can shop all over Wisconsin for the best mattress sale, and you still won’t find the value offered every day at Beloit Mattress Company. Our handcrafted mattresses are built to deliver ultimate comfort that will last for years to come, all for prices that beat local and national mattress retail stores. So stop Googling “A mattress sale near me” and just stop by and see us!

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a hand touching the surface of a Custom mattress topper

A Custom Mattress Topper Will Give You Great Sleep

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If you’re sleeping on a nontraditional sized bed that isn’t comfortable, you could benefit from a custom mattress topper. Whether you need better support, more cushion, or both, a custom mattress pad can improve your sleep so you can wake up refreshed and enjoy whatever the day brings. Learn why Beloit’s Mattress Topper is the best choice, and order yours today!

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