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Where Handmade Quality and Midwestern Family Values Still Matter

Do you want to work for a small, family-owned company where handmade quality is still a top priority and Midwestern family values still matter? Then come be a part of the Beloit Mattress family.

We have been building and selling top-quality sleep products in Wisconsin for more than 85 years. This is your opportunity to be part of a small, local, family-owned company that takes pride in the products we produce. At Beloit Mattress Company, handmade quality is still the top priority and Midwestern family values still matter.

We offer the latest sales training and product innovation.

At Beloit Mattress Company, you’ll learn a new way to sell bedding – the Sleep Geek way. By completing the Sleep Geek University online professional development course, you will

  • Become a better salesperson
  • Increase your bedding and sleep knowledge
  • Learn how to better serve your customers by helping them improve their sleep and quality of life
  • Position yourself to become an industry leader
  • Become a Sleep Geek-certified sleep consultant

Since Beloit Mattress Company is a mattress designer, manufacturer, and retailer, you’ll not only learn how to better sell mattresses but also how to make them. We are innovators in the industry, using American-made, practically green, chemical-free mattress components while also adhering to the latest quality control and safety standards.

But we still do some things the old-fashioned way.

At Beloit Mattress Company, we still make our mattresses the old-fashioned way – by hand. You can take pride in knowing that the products you produce and sell are “made like they used to.” That means, high-quality, handcrafted, and made in America. We also still believe in good old-fashioned Midwestern family values. And when you come work for us, you become part of our family.

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