Why Is REM Sleep so Important, Anyway?

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You need a full night of quality sleep. When sleeping, your brain forms new connections and makes changes to existing connections. These brain actions are essential for making new memories and learning new things. The most essential time for brain changes to occur is during sleep is REM sleep. The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep stage is one of the four stages of sleep humans go through as part of the sleep cycle. Your comfort while sleeping makes a big difference in how much sleep you can get at night and how often you experience REM. The more quality sleep you get determines many factors of your health.

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Mattress sale

How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress? 10 Questions to Ask During a Mattress Sale

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If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, you’ve probably seen plenty of ads discussing the latest sales. Before you visit a mattress store in Rockford, IL or Beloit, WI to find your new bed, there are several crucial questions you should ask to ensure you’re not only getting the best deal, but also the best possible mattress for your needs. Read on for a list of 10 questions every consumer should ask during a mattress sale.

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fixing bed frame

Do You Need a Box Spring for Your Memory Foam Mattress?

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Not long ago, standard innerspring mattresses with box springs were the most common and widely available mattress setups out there. Box springs can increase the longevity of the mattress, keep it from sagging, and ensure a longer, better night’s sleep. But these days, mattress technology has evolved. One of the most popular mattresses on the market right now is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses have a number of clear benefits—including a soft surface that cradles the pressure points and conforms to the body of the sleeper.

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What Mattress Material is Best for Your Body

The Top Mattress Types of 2020

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43% of all Americans say they are too tired to function at their workplace on a daily basis. That puts everyone at risk for a workplace injury or worse. At the very least, you’re not giving your employer what they’re paying you for, your best.  A big determining factor in the quality of sleep your getting are the types of mattresses you’re sleeping on. Which are the best mattresses? Can cheap mattresses give you a good night’s rest? What are the different mattress types?

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Bedtime Routine

Creating a Healthy Bedtime Routine for a Peaceful Night Sleep

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Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans experience insomnia every year? There are many reasons why people have trouble falling or staying asleep. Stress, sleep disorders, or a bad mattress can all wreak havoc on your sleeping routine. If you’re struggling to get the rest you need, could it be that you need to revamp your nighttime rituals? Creating a simple bedtime routine signals your body that it’s time to unwind—and leads to a much better night of sleep.

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best sleep position for neck pain

The Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain

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Are you waking up with debilitating neck pain? Count yourself among the 80% of Americans who struggle with this same problem. You’re not alone in your suffering, but living with untreated neck pain increases the risk of additional health issues down the road. To get rid of the problem for good, you need to understand the cause. In the case of neck pain, there are often several causes. Common causes include stress, poor posture, arthritis, whiplash, colds, and spinal stenosis.

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Mattress protector

5 Signs You Absolutely Need a Mattress Protector

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You wouldn’t invest in a new car without putting money toward new tires, would you? In the same vein, why would you sink money into a mattress and fail to safeguard it with a mattress protector? Arguably one of the most important parts of your entire bedding collection, this critical piece can keep your mattress clean, sanitary and comfortable, all at once. Are you currently sleeping without one? If so, you could be missing out on an important and integral part of your sleep experience. Today, we’re sharing five signs that it’s time to spring for a new mattress protector, stat.

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