How to Properly Use a Mattress Topper

How to Use a Mattress Topper Properly – A Complete Guide

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By: Ryan Poppie Reading Time: 10 minutes

Reading Time: 10 minutes

A new mattress is a significant investment that most people only make every ten years. Whether you’ve just bought a new one or want to breathe new life into your existing one, a mattress topper can make a difference. Still, like many other mattress accessories, it can be challenging to understand how to use it correctly.

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How to Understand the Relationship Between Your Mattress and Back Pain

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By: Ryan Poppie Reading Time: 6 minutes

Reading Time: 6 minutes

About 31 million Americans suffer from low back pain at one time or another. From work injuries to poor posture and weight gain, there are numerous causes of back pain. One culprit you might not consider is your mattress. After all, laying down at night and resting should make your back feel better, not worse, right? 

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