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If you’re looking for the best mattress store in Rockford, IL, you don’t have to go far. Beloit Mattress Company has been crafting handmade mattresses since 1929, so no matter what sleeping position or material preferences you have, chances are you’ll find the perfect bed and mattress accessories to suit your needs!

Why We’re the Best Mattress Store in Rockford, IL

There are quite a few reasons why we’ve been in business for nearly a century! Keep reading to see why you owe it to yourself to step inside.

We’re Not a Furniture Store

Sure, you’ll find other stores in town who sell sofas, dining sets, and kitchen tables. But we are the only mattress store in Rockford IL dedicated exclusively to the science of great sleep. When you enter our doors, you won’t have Sally from the recliner section asking you about the type of bed you prefer. Instead, you’ll get expert help in all things mattresses.

We Build Every Mattress by Hand

Handmade Mattress by The Beloit Mattress Store In Rockford IL

Our mattresses are not assembled with a mechanical machine. We still carefully hand-stitch each mattress just as our founders did in 1929, ensuring that we’re offering the most durable beds you can buy. The bedding industry may be constantly changing with technology, but nothing has changed in the quality of our products.

We Have 90 Years of Experience (1929 – 2019)

In our building, you won’t find the typical mattress salesman just trying to make a buck. You’ll find trained craftsmen who have learned the art of mattress making from a long line of family members. Our team knows about the most natural materials like wool and latex, the most durable method to build mattresses that last, the type of bed that’s best for back pain, and what it takes to stay cool while you sleep. There isn’t a mattress question we haven’t answered!

We Cut Out the Middle Man

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you’re being price gouged. The best mattress store you’ll find is one that is honest and open about pricing policies — one that doesn’t have to hike prices to cover their overhead. See, Beloit Mattress Company doesn’t have to mark up our prices to cover stocking fees and shipping expenses because we are a factory direct mattress maker. That means we make and sell our own mattresses, so we’re able to price our products affordable for our customers.

We Offer the Best Mattress Accessories for Every Sleeper

We all live extremely busy lives, leaving no time to bounce around from store to store to find pillows and mattress covers. That’s why we offer all the mattress accessories you could want under one roof — from comfy down pillows to cooling gel pillows, and latex pillows that conform to your neck to prevent pain. And since we know what a big investment your new mattress is, we sell mattress protectors at every price point and in every size — we even sell plush mattress toppers to fit college dorm beds.

Our Adjustable Bases are a Perfect Match for Our Mattresses

Whether you’re wanting to stop snoring, relieve back pain, eliminate acid reflux, or you simply want to be more comfortable while reading in bed, an adjustable base is an excellent addition to any bedroom. Our sleep experts can point you to an adjustable base that’s compatible with your mattress and meets your budget.

Our Warranty is Second to None

Because we truly care about your sleep, we guarantee your bed will be made right. If you find that your mattress doesn’t satisfy your expectations within the specified warranty, you won’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get the service you deserve. Mattress coupon then head into our Rockford IL store. We’ll make certain we make a handmade mattress that fits your specific needs.


Don’t Just Keep Driving By the Best Mattress Store in Rockford IL. Come On In!

In our Rockford store, you’ll find a large variety of mattresses and mattress accessories to meet your sleeping preferences and preferred price point.

From premium hybrid sleep systems that will fix your back pain to gel infused Talalay latex to keep you cool, to affordable memory foam beds perfect for your guest room, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Beloit Mattress Company.

Contact us today with any questions you have, or just pop in any time to see us! We look forward to serving you.

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