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Why Beloit is the Best Mattress Store in Northern IL

Beloit Rockford IL mattress store, the best mattress store in northern IL

With all the options out there, it may be hard for you to tell which is the best mattress store in Northern IL. Sure, you want to find a retailer that carries quality products at an affordable price, but it also helps if the sales staff can honestly recommend a bed that meets your individual sleep needs. At Beloit Mattress Company, we truly believe we can serve you better than any other northern IL mattress stores because. After you read why come see us.

Why Beloit Mattress Company is the Best Mattress Store in Northern IL

When you compare Northern IL mattress stores, there’s one thing about our company that stands out above the rest: Experience. Our family of mattress makers has been building beds by hand for 85 years, so you can definitely say we know the sleep industry. Here’s what nearly a century of this kind of experience allows us to do better than the others:


Beloit Mattress is the Best Mattress Store in Northern Il because of their dedication to using quality materials.


We know which materials make the most comfortable beds, and we take the most natural approach to make them. Organic cotton, natural latex, and Certipur-certified foams create luxurious sleep surfaces that really do help our customers rest better. Many other northern IL mattress stores simply stock beds made by other manufacturers and don’t even know what’s in them.


You'll rest easy knowing you bought your bed from the best mattress tore in Northern IL

Making mattresses by hand in our own factory means that if something in your mattress isn’t relieving your back pain, easing your allergies, or helping you sleep more soundly with a partner, we can make changes to make it right (within 60 days).  This Oklahoma University study states that a new sleep system can help reduce back pain discomfort and increase sleep quality.


After so many years in the mattress business, we see each customer who walks through our door as the unique person they are. Everyone sleeps differently, so not every person needs the same mattress. We learn about your lifestyle and sleep habits and then build a bed to suit you.




Since We only sell the beds we make, we don’t have a lot of overhead. We also don’t pay to slap a big brand name sticker on our products. We simply price our handmade mattresses as low as we choose.

See for Yourself Why Beloit is the Best Mattress Retailer in Northern IL

We understand that you have overwhelming choices of Northern IL mattress stores, but we truly believe that once you step into Beloit Mattress Company, you’ll see why we are different. So stop in, talk to our sleep experts, and learn about our quality handmade beds. We’re pretty sure you’ll leave with a smile on your face, knowing you’re about to get the best sleep of your life from the best mattress store in Northern IL.

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