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Beloit Handcrafts The Best Affordable Mattress

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If you’re looking for the best affordable mattress, you won’t find a better value than at Beloit Mattress. We make and sell luxurious beds that offer ultimate comfort for the same price or less than other big name brand manufacturers. You may be aiming to fit your budget, but don’t just settle for cheap bedding. Quality comes at a better price than many customers realize.

The Best Affordable Mattress is Made in the Midwest

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Handcrafted in our Own Factory

We stitch each order by hand, ensuring the ultimate durability without compromising comfort.  You can be sure your new mattress won’t break down or fall apart for many years to come. You may not be able to say the same about other mattresses made on mechanical assembly lines.

Years of Expertise

Our family has been in the mattress industry since 1929, and while the time-tested quality of our products hasn’t changed, we’ve kept up with industry advancements along the way. We have the research and knowledge under our belts to make better products than many newer mattress companies that are popping up all over.

Healthier Sleep Solutions

Unlike the formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals that have been found in other premium mattress brands, you won’t find any toxins in our products. We use organic cotton, wild bamboo, pure Joma wool, and natural latex, so you can sleep with peace of mind that your health is not in jeopardy.

Factory-Direct Means Better Pricing

You can get an affordable luxury mattress from us because we don’t pay a middleman to sell it to you. You order it, we make it, and then we deliver it to you. Other mattress companies charge you to their sales staff and retail store rental fees!

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You’ll Find An Affordable Luxury Mattress at Beloit Mattress

If you’ve been wondering how to get a cheap mattress, you’ll be amazed at the value you’ll find at Beloit. We offer a selection of luxury mattresses at every price point. Here are some of our top sellers:

  • Our Easy Rest Collection combines natural Talalay latex, gel-infused memory foam and our own Comfort Core spring system cozy, partner-friendly sleep.  Priced close to $1,000 for a queen, it’s hundreds less than a similar hybrid sold in department stores.
  • Our Somnigel Collection helps you sleep cool while relieving pressure. With stress-relieved Bolsa coils and a Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter, a $1,500 queen mattress in this collection will sleep more comfortably and last longer than other pressure relieving mattresses priced twice as much.
  • Our Nature’s Rest Latex mattress is a natural affordable luxury mattress. Made from safe, toxin-free materials, it’s cradling yet supportive, and more breathable than memory foam. You won’t find another premium natural latex mattress with a better price tag.

For the Best Affordable Mattress That’s Built to Last, Come to Beloit Mattress Company

Our sleep experts are happy to help you choose a mattress that’s best for your sleep needs. Whether you’re looking for a bed to ease your back pain, a cooler sleep surface, or a bed to reduce your partner’s tossing and turning, we can point you in the right direction. And if you’re concerned about price, don’t be. We’ll find the perfect luxury bed to fit your budget.

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