Bed Frames That Provide a Solid Foundation

A frame is an important piece of your new sleep system. Rest your mattress on the right foundation

The best way to start your day is with a great night’s sleep. And with a sturdy bed frame, you’ll achieve the comfort and quality to keep you rested throughout the night. Before choosing a frame for your mattress, you’ll want to ensure that it is durable and that it can withstand weight for a long period time.

Our frames include everything from:

  • Classic frame: Solid yet economical
  • Iron Horse: Durable, heavy duty with a wider angle iron and longer rails
  • Glide-a-matic: Recessed, double strength legs with special rug rollers to provide safe and easy movement

We have a complete line of bed frames and rail systems to best fit your needs. Whether economy or heavy duty, count on Beloit Mattress as your one-stop bedding provider.

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