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Balancing Work and School as a College Freshman

College Student Very tired Studying

Whether your parents are footing the bill for your freshman year of college or you’ve taken out a student loan, you most likely need to make money for books, food, or anything fun you want to do. Hopefully, you’ve found a job with flexible hours, but if you’re having trouble balancing work and school, take a look at these tips before your grades start to fall.

Look for a Job That Will Cater to Your Schedule


Creating a very nice Calendar ScheduleIf you don’t already have a job or the one you have isn’t working around your class schedule, ask your counselor who to talk to about on-campus employment. There may be a job available that coincides with your major, such as a writing tutor in the Writing Center, or a computer technician in the technology lab. Your freshman year of college is a great time to snag these positions since on-campus jobs will usually work with you on your availability.

If there’s nothing that interests you on campus, make sure you tell the interviewer wherever you apply that you will need to work around your class schedule. Most restaurants, cafes, or retail stores near a college will welcome student applicants and are aware that schoolwork is a priority.

Recognize the Benefits of Balancing Work and School


three girls aiming for graduationDespite needing the money for living expenses, many college freshmen choose not to work simply due to FOMO. But keep in mind that while you may be missing out on Friday night parties or dorm room movie nights because you have to work, being a responsible employee in college will look awesome on your resume when it’s time to apply for jobs near graduation.


Don’t Overload Yourself on Either


College girl studying in a library and very tiredFor college and work to go hand and hand, you have to know how much of each you can handle. If you have a full load of classes this semester, let your employer know not to overschedule you. Or if you’re finding that classwork this semester is not too demanding, ask for more hours at work to try to get ahead financially. If you can, give yourself a day off of both each week just to enjoy college life.

Get Plenty of Sleep to Stay Healthy

Balancing-College-N-Work-With-DormTopperIt takes a clear mind to manage your schedule, and a healthy body to be able to show up to class and work. Sleeping 7-8 hours each night strengthens your immune system and refreshes your mind, so be sure to make sleep a priority. If that means telling the boss, you can’t work until midnight, that’s okay. Your grades and health should be your number one priority.

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