American Mattress vs. Beloit Mattress | How We Compare

american mattress vs. Beloit Mattress

Finding the Right Mattress Store in Rockford, IL

Your mattress is essential. Don’t buy one just anywhere.

Your mattress is something you use every single night for a big part of the night. When it comes to something that important, you don’t want to shop for one just anywhere. Kind of like your car. You don’t walk into just any dealership. You find one that you trust to give you a good deal and honest service. If you’re currently shopping for a mattress, research a mattress store in Rockford, IL before you actually make your purchase.

Below is a comparison of two of them – American Mattress vs. Beloit Mattress:


  • American Mattress: This company is a mattress reseller, meaning they buy a mattress from major manufacturer’s, markup the prices, and then sell them to you without adding any real extra value.
  • Beloit Mattress: This company is a factory direct mattress retailer, meaning they both make and sell each mattress. The finished product goes straight from the factory to the showroom without any middleman markup.


  • American Mattress: This company buys from major manufacturers who produce mattress by the thousands then ship them all over the country. That creates a lot of opportunity for something to get ripped or stained.
  • Beloit Mattress: This company produces its own mattresses in small batches by the hands of expert mattress craftsman. In the rare instances when there is a defect, it gets spotted before the mattress reaches the showroom.


  • American Mattress: This company has more than 100 locations. That means they have a lot of positions to fill and typically recruit based more on sales acumen than sleep/mattress expertise.
  • Beloit Mattress: This company employs mattress makers as its showroom staff. That means you’re always working with someone who has an expert knowledge of the product and the close link between the right mattress and quality sleep.


  • American Mattress: This company has dozens of stores in the Chicagoland area and an army of customers to service. When you have an issue, it is very rarely a priority.
  • Beloit Mattress: This local, family-owned business operates just two stores and has a small but fiercely loyal customer base. When you have a problem, everything stops until a solution is found.


Beloit Mattress – Your Mattress Store in Rockford, IL

When you shop with American Mattress, you can never be certain you’re getting the right mattress, at the right price, and without defects. At Beloit Mattress, you can. Choose to work with us and count on having a stellar experience from beginning to end. To illustrate our commitment we have created the Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide and are offering it to you as a completely free download. Be sure to get yours before you buy your next mattress.

Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide

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