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Advice for College Students Starting Second Semester

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Looking back to the start of last semester, you were probably ultra excited about starting college. You entered classes with enthusiasm, completed assignments on time, and made lots of effort to meet new friends.

After a long winter break, the second semester might not seem as exciting. But don’t let yourself slack off just because the newness of college has worn off. Here is our best advice for college students to help you stay on track during this semester.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Second Semester – Advice for College Students

Go to Classes From the Start

You may not be thrilled to wake up early again, but it’s really important to know what to expect from each new class. You’ll need to get your syllabus, meet your teachers, and get a feel for what these class will entail. Knowing how much work is expected of you will help you to start scheduling priorities and getting organized. If a class isn’t what you expected when your counselor suggested it, see about dropping it – but only after giving it a fair chance.

Don’t Let Clutter Consume Your Workspace

Start your semester with a clean slate. That means emptying your suitcase, hanging up your clothes, and having all your new class books where you can easily find them. Clutter can really prevent you from being productive, so don’t let your stuff start to pile up around the room. The best college advice is to put stuff where it goes and keep putting it there throughout this semester.


Stay Social

You probably met your “crew” last semester, but don’t ever think that your friend barn is full. Join clubs or participate in volunteer programs, and stay open to meeting new friends in your classes. They could end up being great study buddies, give advice on one of your classes that they took last semester, or just be someone you can count on for the rest of your years at school.

Make Health a Priority

Did you gain the freshman 15 in your first semester? Barely make it through classes with your eyes open? Were you sick for weeks on end? Hopefully, you’ve learned by now that if you don’t take care of yourself, no one will. The best advice for college students is to ditch pizza for fruits and vegetables, take advantage of the free gym and get some exercise, and sleep 7-8 hours every single night. Not getting enough sleep can really lower your immune system, which makes it a lot harder to get to classes, much less concentrate in class. Make sleep a priority, because a healthy body leads to a sharp mind!

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