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The Beloit Mattress Company’s dorm mattress topper combines the best ingredients to make one of the best dorm mattress toppers on the market.  The DormTopper is based on a core of body-contouring, high-density gel foams. It’s New Zealand Joma wool that wicks away moisture and facilitates airflow. And it’s covered with super soft, breathable bamboo fabric designed to stand up to the rigors of college life. Made by hand and backed up with a full 5-year warranty.

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Why Consider a Dorm Mattress Topper?

As sleep experts, we believe a dorm room topper should be at the top of the list of all the essential checklists you can find on Google.

College dorm mattresses aren’t built for comfort or support.  In most college dorm rooms, you will find a thin slab of plastic-wrapped foam.  Yuck!  Adding a new dorm mattress will experience more comfort, leading to a better night’s sleep.  

Facts About Sleep-Deprived College Students?

  • Only 11% of American college students sleep well, and 40% only feel well-rested two days per week.
  • 72% of college students have admitted to performing poorly on a test due to inadequate sleep.
  • 63% of college students report getting less sleep than they need.
  • 86% of students believe it’s hurting their physical health.
  • And sadly, 87% of students believe it’s hurting their mental health.

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Dorm Mattress Topper Features

Only the best materials go into this handmade dorm mattress topper.  You’ll love the feel.


  • Sustainable Bamboo Knit Fabric gives you unparalleled sleep with a silk-like, quilted surface. Your dorm mattress topper was built with durability in mind. As a result, it’s naturally antibacterial and wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry.
  • Pure New Zealand Joma wool creates an ideal sleep surface that is breathable and moisture-wicking. In addition, it’s also naturally hypo-allergenic and mold and odor-resistant!
  • The gel-infused cooling memory foam adds extra cushioning and support, giving you amazingly deep sleep. It’s also soybean-based, and CertiPUR-US certified, so you can rest easily.
  • DormTopper is handmade and stitched in our Beloit, Wisconsin, factory. We also inspect every mattress pad for perfection before it ships straight to you.
  • There’s finally a mattress pad for college dorm room beds that won’t move around on you while you sleep.
  • Our college mattress topper isn’t just for dorm beds; it comes in all sizes! No matter what size bed you have, we’ll make a topper just for you by hand. 

Our dorm mattress topper is made to last and backed up for longer than your college years.

  • They are made by hand at the time of order.
  • You’ll get free shipping via FedEx when you order your DormTopper from The Beloit Mattress Company.
    They are shipped to your front door for free.
  • Every DormTopper product has a 5-year warranty to protect your mattress pad from the rigors of college life.
    Warrantied past your college years.

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