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We’re redefining what it means to enhance your mattress.

Our mattress toppers are a symphony of the finest materials. Our unique blend enhances your sleep environment and redefines what you expect from a premium mattress topper.

  • Gel-infused poly foam for unmatched support
  • New Zealand wool for its natural temperature-regulating properties
  • Top layer of bamboo fabric quilted for ultimate softness and durability

Beyond Memory Foam: Luxurious Layers Of Comfort

Our toppers are more than just a bandaid to your uncomfortable existing mattress; they’re a gateway to a night of restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Premum Mattress Topper Layers

While memory foam mattress toppers have been a go-to for many, The Beloit Mattress Company offers a compelling alternative in our quilted toppers that addresses the common pitfalls of memory foam, such as heat retention and lack of breathability.

A good mattress topper should be more than just a piece of foam; it should offer pain relief and support your body’s contour, not melt around it.

Our mattress toppers stand apart from traditional foam options, featuring a dynamic combination of:

  1. Bamboo Quilting
  2. New Zealand Wool
  3. Gel-Infused polyfoam

This trio ensures breathability and temperature control, enveloping you in comfort reminiscent of a luxurious pillow top, all hand-quilted together.

Discover the Perfect Topper for Every Sleeper

Our toppers are engineered with your well-being in mind to promote optimal spinal alignment and relieve pressure points to accommodate all sleep positions.

Shop our collection today and transform your bed into a soft surface of comfort and relaxation. Every topper is handmade, comes in standard sizes, and includes free shipping to your door.

Premium Mattress Topper

Premium Mattress Topper

Our flagship Premium Mattress Topper sets the standard for luxury bedding. Hand-crafted with gel-infused polyfoam, New Zealand wool, and bamboo quilting provides the densest cushioning, cooling, and maximum breathability. Ideal for those seeking the ultimate in-bed comfort, this topper transforms any mattress into a haven of restfulness.

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CertiPUR-US Basic Mattress Topper

CertiPUR Mattress Topper

The Certipur Mattress Topper offers a safe and comfortable sleep surface for the eco-conscious and health-minded. Certified by CertiPUR-US®, this topper guarantees low VOC emissions and superior durability, making it a smart choice for a healthier sleep environment.  It transforms sagging mattresses into a comfortable sleep surface, great for guest bedrooms, RV’s, and the like.

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Dorm Mattress Topper

Dorm Mattress Topper

This topper is tailored for the unique needs of dorm life; our Dorm Mattress Topper brings the comfort of home to your campus. Durable, supportive, and easy to maintain, it’s the perfect solution for students needing a sleep upgrade and surface protection without the hassle.  It wicks away moisture, facilitates airflow, and is designed to stand up to the rigors of college life.

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Distinctive Features & Benefits

Superior craftsmanship, unmatched comfort.  Our mattress toppers stand out for their exceptional features and benefits to enhance your sleep experience. We’re the best choice for memory-foam alternatives.

Eco-Friendly and Hypoallergenic

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Made with sustainable hypoallergenic materials, our toppers are ideal for eco-conscious consumers and those with sensitive skin. Why not ensure a clean and healthy sleep environment?

Custom Sizes Available

Standard & Custom Sizes

Our mattress toppers come in all standard sizes – twin, twinXL, full, queen, king, and California King.  We also offer custom-size toppers to fit any bed size or shape, which ensures a perfect match for your sleeping space.

CertiPUR-US® Certified

CertiPUR-US® Certified

Our CertiPUR topper is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring your safety and comfort. It promises lasting durability and supports environmental responsibility for a healthier, more sustainable choice.

Easy Setup & Transportable

Easy Setup & Transportable

Our mattress topper features secure straps for a snug fit and is designed to roll up easily, ensuring stability and portability. It is perfect for comfortable, hassle-free sleep wherever you go (#rvlife).

Premium Materials

Premium Materials

Our mattress topper is made with premium bamboo fabric, New Zealand wool, and cooling gel-infused foam, quilted together like a pillow top for lasting durability and comfort.

Optimal Firmness


Achieve the perfect balance of plush comfort and supportive firmness, and enhance your sleep without the sinking sensation often associated with memory foam.

Temperature Regulated

Temperature Regulated

We address one of the most common drawbacks of traditional memory foam toppers. Our cool gel-infused poly foam and bamboo fabric work harmoniously to whisk heat away from your body, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable throughout the night.



New Zealand wool is renowned for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, contributing to a consistently dry and comfortable sleep experience, night after night.

Benefits Of Quilted Layers Compared To Memory Foam Pads

When selecting a mattress topper, it’s crucial to cut through the noise of glowing reviews and consider common customer complaints, including issues like sagging, sinking, excessive heat, and back pain often accompanying top-rated memory foam toppers.

Our hybrid mattress toppers, infused with cooling gel, aim to redefine comfort and support, surpassing the limitations often found in traditional memory foam designs. By carefully comparing the features and benefits we offer against those of other leading brands, you’ll understand why our product stands out as the top choice for those who prioritize a restful sleep experience, free from the common drawbacks.

Here is what you can expect when sleeping on one of our toppers.

Promotes Spinal Alignment

Our topper won’t sink in and put a strain on your back like memory foam will; ours supports your spine, promoting proper alignment and reducing the risk of waking up with aches and pains.

Relieves Your Pressure Points

The strategic layering and quilting of materials provide optimal padding to hard sleeping surfaces, effectively alleviating pressure on common pain points like shoulders and hips.

Comfort For All Sleep Positions

Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, our innovative topper adapts seamlessly to your preferred position, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep tailored specifically to your needs.

How To Use A Mattress Topper

Listen to Ryan Poppie, Chief bedmaker and President of The Beloit Mattress Company, discuss how best to use a mattress topper, the difference between toppers, the types of toppers available on the market, and more.

Are You Ready To Shop With Confidence?

Choosing the right mattress topper for your existing mattress is a significant decision, and we’re here to make it easier.

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Fast & Free Shipping

All toppers are crafted and shipped fast and free to right to your front door.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All toppers include a 5-year replacement warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee..

In Business Since 1929

We've been around for a while, offering premium products. With our 5-star rating, you can trust that we've got your back.

Endorsed by Satisfied Sleepers

Not sure yet? Listen to satisfied customers who have personally experienced the transformative benefits of mattress toppers. Our happy customers consistently give 5-star ratings to our toppers for their comfort and longevity, and they rave about the noticeable difference in their sleep quality.

Experience the Difference: Handcrafted Comfort Through 5 Generations

Ryan Poppie, President

Hello there, I’m Ryan Poppie, President of The Beloit Mattress Company.  I want to share with you the heart of our family’s legacy. Our passion has been woven into every handcrafted topper for over five generations, ensuring unparalleled quality and comfort in your sleep experience.

Our journey in sleep innovation has taught us the value of listening to our customers and continually improving. We’ve heard your concerns about traditional memory foam and responded with something special.

Our premium toppers offer a sleep experience that memory foam can’t compete with, providing the best breathability, support, and sustainability you’ve been looking for.

I personally guarantee that our toppers outshine the leading brands in every aspect that matters to you. My family and I believe it’s not just about making a sale; it’s about upholding a tradition of excellence and bringing you a restorative night’s sleep.

Join us and experience the difference that genuine care, quality, and innovation can make in your life.

5 FAQ To Make Your Shopping Decision Easier

Will this topper slip?

Our topper is designed with elastic straps to ensure a secure fit on any mattress, eliminating the common issue of slippage associated with many memory foam toppers.

Can I wash the topper?

While the topper itself is not machine washable, it can be spot-cleaned and aired out in the sun for natural deodorization, thanks to the natural lanolins in the wool. Use a mattress protector to keep it in pristine condition for best results.

How do I store the topper?

Our toppers redefine convenience, effortlessly rolling up for seamless storage and transport, without the bulk of traditional memory foam.

Who is this topper best for?

Our topper is ideal for anyone seeking to extend the life of an old mattress or enhance the sleep comfort of a new mattress that’s too firm.  Also for those seeking an upgrade from the standard memory foam experience to a more luxurious, supportive, and breathable sleep environment.

What is a Mattress Topper?

So, what is a mattress topper? A mattress topper is a removable layer that sits on top of your mattress to provide extra comfort and soften firm surfaces. It can help improve the quality of your sleep by adding cushioning, reducing pressure points, and extending the life of your mattress.

  • Premium Quilted Mattress Topper



  • Certipur Basic Mattress Topper



  • Dorm Mattress Topper