BEDGEAR Balance 1.0 Removable Cover Performance Pillow

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BEDGEAR Balance 1.0 Removable Cover Performance Pillow with Enhanced Airflow. Refer to The Fit chart below to determine which model fits your body best.

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Bedgear Balance 1.0 Performance Pillow

bedgear Performance Pillows

It is all about Balance. Bedgear Balance Performance Pillows feature silk-feel fibers that provide soft, dynamic support. Patented airflow technology and moisture-wicking fabric allow you to keep cool and dry throughout the night, ensuring a deep, restorative sleep.

Four different pillow heights cater to all different types of sleepers including a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, and a multi-position sleeper.

This series also features a removable, washable cover for easy care and cleaning.

The Gist

  • Dry-all-night fabric
  • Flexible, gently elevating feel
  • Patented Air-X panels vent excess body heat

BedGear Balance Pillow - Dri-Tec

Proprietary tri-level weave wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

BedGear Balance Pillow - Boost

Firmer breathable blend keeps you gently elevated.

BedGear Balance Pillow - Air

Patented three-dimensional material vents warm air away from your body.

Bedgear Balance - Always Dry, Never Damp.

Always Dry, Never Damp!

Sleeping should be no sweat. That’s why we developed our Dri-Tec® fabric to continuously wick away moisture, stabilizing your temperature so you can get your most solid sleep.

Bedgear Balance, Firmer, Not Harder.

Firmer, Not Harder.

Our dynamic fill won’t leave you feeling stiff in the morning. Boost®’s flexible yet firmer feel keeps you softly supported throughout the night so you can stay gently elevated and totally tension-free.

Let’s Fit You For Your Pillow Height

Bedgear Balance pillows come in four profiles, so you can find the best fit for your body type and sleep position. 

Sleep on Side

  • XS Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • S Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • M Shirt = Balance 2.0
  • L Shirt = Balance 2.0
  • XL Shirt = Balance 3.0

Sleep on Stomach

  • XS Shirt = Balance 0.0
  • S Shirt = Balance 0.0
  • M Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • L Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • XL Shirt = Balance 2.0

Sleep on Back

  • XS Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • S Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • M Shirt = Balance 2.0
  • L Shirt = Balance 2.0
  • XL Shirt = Balance 3.0

Sleep All Over the Place

  • XL Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • S Shirt = Balance 1.0
  • M Shirt = Balance 2.0
  • L Shirt = Balance 2.0
  • XL Shirt = Balance 3.0

Bedgear Balance Specs & Care

BEDGEAR® Warranty Details

All BEDGEAR warranty claims are handled directly through BEDGEAR. 

BEDGEAR pillows come with a 365 Night Guaranty. The 1 year applies to defects in craftsmanship or materials during normal use, provided that care label instructions are followed.

Additional information

Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15.13 × 6 in
Pillow Size

2 reviews for BEDGEAR Balance 1.0 Removable Cover Performance Pillow

  1. Robert Pyatt (verified owner)

    This is the best pillow I’ve ever been able to find. I only need this one pillow ! I don’t wake up and beat on the darn things like in the past ,Nor try to stack them to get things right and comfortable only, to do it again several times thru the night. Thanks for that!

  2. Sandra (verified owner)

    Finally found a pillow that is NOT firm and lifts your neck a mile high! Its soft and squishy. I like to be able to shape my pillow into the shape i need for neck support in various positions. I am a back and side sleeper. Been searching for one with these qualities for years and spent so much money trying to find one. If you need/want the ability to shape your pillow to your desired comfort…give this one a try.

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