College Dorm Room Essential Bundle #1


Our Back-To-School College Dorm Room Essential Bundle #1 offers every college student a path to experiencing better sleep, leading to better grades, health, and more.  Save now on this premium college dorm room essential bundle. It includes our Premium DormTopper (TwinXL), a BEDGEAR BG-X All Position Performance Pillow, and our Glideaway Altra Mattress Protector (TwinXL).

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College Dorm Room Essential Bundle #1

This bundle includes the following accessories.

DormTopper, a Premium Mattress Topper

Premium Mattress Topper

This topper offers the best body-contouring ingredients including high-density gel foams, New Zealand Joma wool to wick away moisture and facilitate airflow, and a super-soft, breathable bamboo fabric cover that’s specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of college life.  Each material works symbiotically to provide dense cushioning, ideal airflow, and proper moisture wicking for a consistently incredible night’s sleep.  This topper transforms even the hardest, old, rundown mattress into a completely revitalized luxury sleep surface.  Made by hand and backed up with a full 5-year warranty.

BEDGEAR BG-X All Position Performance Pillow

BEDGEAR BG-X All Position Performance Pillow

The Beloit Mattress Company’s best-selling pillow is the BEDGEAR BG-X ALL Position Performance Pillow. This pillow is an exceptional value for all positions and body types and sports a Performance Dri-Tec shell.  Apex action approach sidewalls and air circulation effects are designed to keep you cool and dry, ensuring deep, comfortable sleep. The BG-X is made of distinct-integrated padding inside an effective foundation with inner pocket construction. It is sleep-tested to ensure the pillow matches your body’s shape.

Glideaway Altra Mattress Protector

Glideaway Altra Mattress Protector

The Glideaway Altra Mattress Protector offers protection with a cooling comfort layer. Brushed microfiber surface provides waterproof protection and allergen barrier with Ultra-Fresh® Product Protection and cooling Feran Ice®.  With several fabric options and levels of cooling technology, our protectors also enhance your individual comfort. All of our protectors are designed with a barrier for premium protection along with Ultra-Fresh treatment to keep your protector – and your dorm bed – fresh and clean.


Sleeping better = Living better.

The Ultimate In College Mattress Toppers

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