The Beloit Mattress Company

We’re a 5th generation, family-owned and operated factory direct mattress company.

We proudly offer made-in-USA mattresses.  We’ve been handcrafting high-quality, all-natural fabric mattresses, using time-tested practices, one at a time, out of Beloit, Wisconsin, since 1929

Over the decades, we have successfully improved our factory-direct mattresses through innovation, premium materials, and the best technology. All while maintaining quality control through traditional bed-making practices such as hand-tufting and more.

Our passion is to improve your quality of life through a better night’s sleep.

Our History

In 1929, the Clark family opened Beloit Mattress, a small mattress factory in the heart of Beloit, Wisconsin.

The small factory direct mattress company was a simple, family-run operation that produced some of the first made-in-the-USA innerspring mattresses during the Great Depression and the decade following.

In 1954, Donald Poppie, a local businessman, purchased the company.

Today, the Poppie family operates The Beloit Mattress Company with two showrooms – crafting each of our high-quality mattresses by hand by skilled artisans using the finest in materials.

We’re our valued customers consider us the best factory direct mattress company with one of the most complete, state-of-the-art factories in the Midwest.  Our 100% proprietary, USA-made mattresses are sold directly to you, cutting out the middleman.

factory direct mattress company

Handcrafted Factory Direct Mattresses

We don’t just sell mattresses; we handcraft them, one at a time, right here in Beloit, Wisconsin.

As an American mattress manufacturer, we support the American worker, which supports local workers and our economy.

Our mattresses and box springs are made right here in our factory. The mattress components we use are made in the USA as well.

When you buy one of our mattresses, you can feel proud knowing that your mattress is made personally by us – using both American parts and American labor.

A Factory Direct Mattress Company = No Middle Man.

We’re not your typical mass-produced mattress brand.  We’re a factory direct mattress company!

Most major national mattress corporations are now owned by investment firms, not bedmakers such as our family.  These large corporate brands are more concerned with maximum ROI than making a quality mattress to get you the best possible sleep. 

As you see below, corporations have many layers of individual companies, from concept to delivery, that all need to profit.    In a general sense, the value of the actual mattress you are purchasing from a corporation is far less than what you paid for it. 

Our Competitors

From corporation to delivery, each shares the profits.

Mattress Corporation - Step 1


Most major mattress brands are designed and marketed by the corporation.

Mattress Factory - Step 2


The corporation then hires a mattress factory to produce its mattress line.

Logistics Company - Step 3


The factory hires a logistics company to deliver the mattresses to retailers.

Mattress Retailer - Step 4


The retailer then pushes a sale to get you through the door to sell you the mattress.

Mattress Warehouse - Step 5


Retailers hire a warehouse to store the mattresses since most don’t have their own.

Mattress Delivery - Step 6


Upon sale, the retailer hires a delivery service to deliver the mattress to your home.

The Beloit Mattress Company

100% factory direct. We eliminate the middleman, passing the savings to you.

Factory Direct Mattress Company - Step 1


Yes, we make a profit.  But because we eliminate the middleman, we can make and deliver higher-quality products, at lower prices, all while greatly reducing the carbon footprint of your new mattress.

White Glove Delivery - Step 2


Upon sale, we deliver your mattress by *white glove using our trucks. We’ll set up your new mattress in your chosen room and remove your old one.

*See our white-glove delivery policy