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A Guide to Custom Mattress Toppers

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Do you remember the story of the princess who couldn’t sleep because of the pea in her bed? Do you find yourself relating to her plight as you roll around at night seeking a comfortable spot on your old mattress?  A custom mattress topper may be the answer.

A lousy mattress impairs your ability to get a good night’s sleep, which has consequences far beyond just being cranky in the morning. But a new bed is a significant investment you might not be ready to make yet.

Custom mattress toppers can refresh an old mattress and provide extra comfort and support at the same time. If you suffer from back pain in bed, it’s definitely time to look at how a topper can help you.

When you start shopping for a mattress topper, it’s good to know what types are available and why you might consider going the custom route. This guide will walk you through this information and how to get the best topper for you.

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What is a Custom Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper lies on top of your mattress and provides an extra layer anywhere from one to three inches thick. It’s usually used to make the sleep surface softer or cooler.

You can find toppers in lots of different materials at different price points. Each provides an extra level of support or comfort depending on the material, and any are cheaper than replacing your current mattress.

A custom option allows you to add a topper to beds of unusual size or shape like those found in RVs or boat dinette areas. Along with sofa beds, any fold-out or hidden bed tends to have an odd size and low comfort level, making it an ideal candidate for a custom topper.

You should note that a mattress topper isn’t the same thing as a mattress pad. A pad is there to protect your mattress rather than add any comfort and goes on like a fitted sheet rather than resting on top.

What Are the Different Types of Mattress Toppers?

Basic Mattress Topper by The Beloit Mattress Company

When you start shopping for a mattress topper, your first decision is what type you want. Each material has pros and cons, so choosing is about your specific wants and sleeping style.

Most toppers are available for all standard mattress sizes. You might even have a choice as to the thickness of the topper as well as fitness level.

Memory Foam

  • A memory foam mattress topper is a solid layer that conforms closely to the body. It’s especially good for pressure point relief. This type of topper isolates motion well, making it suitable for couples and light sleepers.
  • One downside to memory foam is that it tends to trap a lot of body heat. If you’re a warm sleeper, you should consider a different option.
  • Higher-density foams conform closer and are more durable, but they also sleep hotter and are more expensive. Lower-density foams can be cooler but tend to develop body depressions over time.


  • Considered a luxury option, latex toppers deliver excellent pressure point relief and body support. They tend to sleep cooler and are very responsive to movement.
  • Latex doesn’t conform to your body as closely as memory foam, which is part of what keeps it from building up body heat. This material is very durable and naturally antimicrobial.


  • This is the old-school egg crate foam mattress topper that you might be familiar with. The polyfoam is shaped with ridges along the surface that conform to the body. It tends to feel like it’s cradling you while offering relief from pressure points.
  • While they don’t make noise, they do transfer motion well, so you’ll notice when your partner rolls over.
  • These toppers come at a lower price point, making them a good value option. However, they are less durable over time and less effective at providing the kind of comfort you get from memory foam.


  • Feather or alternative down toppers add a plush feeling to your bed, much like a pillow-top cover. While they feel more luxurious and definitely increase your bed’s softness, they don’t offer much in terms of pressure relief or support.
  • If your only real problem with your current mattress is the firmness level, this might be the right option for you.


  • Wool provides a soft experience without letting you get overheated. This fiber wicks away moisture to keep you cool during warm months but still gives you good insulation when the weather gets cold.
  • These toppers make for a good choice if you prefer natural materials in your home.


  • For a balanced experience, a hybrid mattress topper is worth looking into. They combine various materials to get the best cushioning and breathability possible.
  • Our premium mattress topper uses a sustainable bamboo knit fabric with a quilted surface to better mimic a mattress’s feel. A wool layer improves breathability and wicks away moisture to keep you cool. At the core is a gel-infused cooling foam for dense cushioning and support.

Why Would You Need a Custom Mattress Topper?

custom mattress topper for a roll a way bedAs your current mattress shows its age, a mattress topper brings added comfort and support for far less than the cost of a new mattress. The topper can hide problems like sagging and body impressions.

A mattress topper can solve the ongoing struggle when your comfort preferences differ from your partner. You can get different levels of firm or soft by putting a topper on just one side.

You might have noticed that the mattresses that come with a sofa bed, RV, boat, or Murphy bed tend to be uncomfortable. They’re thinner and laid on surfaces that don’t provide good support. A mattress topper can fix that issue, and going custom allows you to size the topper for these unusual applications properly.

In general, a custom topper is called for any time you have a mattress in an odd size or shape that can’t be appropriately fitted with a standard bed size. For example, antique beds tend to be narrower and shorter than our standard sizes today. A full mattress now is 54 inches wide, while an antique bed came in at 48 inches.

Finally, most people buy a topper to make a bed softer. This works to your advantage in a place where you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a mattress like your guest room. A mattress topper also is helpful in a short-term residence where you can’t choose your mattresses like a dorm room or care facility.

Is a Mattress Topper Worth Buying?

custom mattress topper rolled upA mattress topper improves your comfort level and creates a healthier sleeping surface for much less than the cost of a new mattress. Unless you already love your bed, the odds are adding a topper will be money well spent.

Adding a topper to the bed gives you an extra layer of support and stability that benefits anyone with back issues or pain in their neck, shoulders, or hips. The topper extends the lifespan of your current mattress and can even improve the breathability of the bed.

You might have held off buying a foam topper because you don’t like the feel of foam mattresses. But the wide range of material choices gives you options. In fact, choosing one with a quilted cover makes it feel more like you’re resting on a traditional mattress.

How Much Do Custom Toppers Cost?

The price of bed toppers largely depends on the type of material you choose. No matter what you choose, though, it’s cheaper than buying a new mattress set.

Even better, custom doesn’t have to mean expensive. You pay for the same materials as standard toppers but with a perfect fit no matter what shape or dimensions you need.

Even a premium mattress topper can run significantly less than you might expect. We sell our mattress toppers factory-direct, which reduces the cost to you while still providing a terrific quality product.

What Is the Best Mattress Topper?

custom mattress topper with strapsBest depends on your preferences and why you need a mattress topper. At The Beloit Mattress Company, we offer two types that cover most needs.

  1. Our basic mattress topper model does an excellent job at masking problems that crop up with aging mattresses, such as sagging and bad coils.
  2. The premium mattress model is a hybrid that can make sleeping on even the most challenging mattress a dream. Both have quilted fabric covers that mimic the feel of an actual mattress.

Where Can I Buy a Custom Mattress Topper?

Since 1929, The Beloit Mattress Company has been hand manufacturing custom mattresses and toppers out of our Wisconsin factory.

We offer custom options that use luxurious all-natural materials like New Zealand wool, gel-infused memory foam, and bamboo quilting. We’re able to keep prices low, even for custom creations, since we sell factory direct.

Key Takeaways

  • A mattress topper makes your mattress more comfortable and helps it last longer.
  • You have a choice of materials, which vary in the level of support and breathability they offer
  • A custom topper is a perfect option if you have an odd-sized mattress or need to improve the guest room, RV, or dorm room comfort level.
  • Getting one made custom is not as expensive as you think and far better than wrestling to make a standard size fit where you need it.

Get a Free Quote on a Custom Mattress Topper Today

The Beloit Mattress Company offers a wide range of custom mattress toppers and mattresses, so we’re sure to have one that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to get more comfort and support or extend the life of your mattress, our custom toppers give you a cost-effective way to accomplish that.

Request a free, no-obligation estimate on your particular mattress situation and help to choose the best topper for you.

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