Holy Sheet: 6 Reasons to use a Mattress Protector

Bed bugs in mattress

People spend about a third of their day in bed, which makes it a very important part of your home.  If you spent so much money on your mattress that you will spend so much time in, you should get a mattress protector for it so that it doesn’t become ruined. When it comes down to keeping your mattress protected you want the best. Here are 6 reasons to use a mattress protector for your mattress.

What Is A Mattress Protector?

Maybe you’re not sure what a mattress protector is. But it is a thicker type of fitted sheet that goes over your entire mattress. This covers the top of the mattress against spills, bacteria, and even some things that may cause allergies. Then you will put your regular fitted sheet over the top of that.

There are all kinds of different fitted sheets that you can get to meet your needs.

You can choose between one that is like a fitted sheet or one that has zippers.

There are also ones that are made from different kinds of materials, like cotton, polyester, plush, or bamboo.

Some of them are made from water-resistant materials that will still let airflow pass between that and the mattress.

Some are even different protectors you can get that have a cooling aspect so that you aren’t as hot when you are sleeping. This is great because not only are you protecting your mattress, but you are also getting an adding cooling into it as well.

There are many reasons to get a mattress protector, but the most important and general reason is that your mattress will be protected, and it will also be easier to wash.

1. Keeps Your Mattress Clean

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons you should get a mattress protector is because it will keep your mattress clean.

Think about all of the things that you could spill in your bed, especially if you eat in bed. Do you really want to spill that glass of red wine or tacos on your brand new mattress?

Not to mention, there are different things that can get your mattress dirty. If you sweat in the night, that would soak into your mattress. All the dead skin cells and other body fluids might also stain and ruin the mattress. If you wear makeup to bed, that may even get on the mattress or any oil that comes from your skin.

However, if there is a mattress cover, then you will spare your mattress from the accidents.

Yes, you can clean a mattress. But it’s so much easier to just take something off and put something in the washing machine that will actually fit.

With a mattress cover, you will sleep easier knowing that it is as clean as possible.

A clean mattress protector

2. Easier to Clean

As we touched on above, mattress covers are just easier to clean than the mattress.

Throwing a mattress in the washing machine is not as easy as throwing in that white shirt you spilled food on.

However, it could be. If you had a mattress protector, you can take that off and actually put it in your washing machine and wash out the stains. If the stains don’t come off, you could even just buy a new mattress protector.

Sometimes it’s recommended that you should vacuum and clean your mattress often, but a mattress cover will eliminate your need to do that.

3. Help Your Warranty Last Longer

Normally when you buy a new mattress, you get a warranty that comes with it. This means that you can replace it or get some money back if anything happens to the mattress.

However, for most warranties, if you stain or soil it, this warranty won’t be valid anymore and will be void. That means that if the mattress you got is actually defective, then you can’t return it for hygienic and safety reasons.

If you buy a mattress protector, then you will be able to keep your mattress from being damaged or stained. Instead, the stain will just fall on the mattress cover which you could easily replace for way cheaper than buying a whole new mattress would be.

4. Make Your Bed More Comfortable

You want your bed to be as comfortable as possible because that way you will get the best possible sleep.

If you add a mattress cover, sometimes that can make your bed even more comfortable because you are adding a layer of cushion.

There are some mattress covers you can buy that are designed with loop patterns that stretch to add another layer of comfort, and they are soft and relaxing to lie on.

You should definitely do some research to help you decide which mattress cover to buy because, like the mattress, this is something that is worth investing in.

5. No Allergies or Bugs

If you have allergies or have had issues with bed bugs, getting a mattress cover will actually help you with that.

If you have asthma or allergies, then having a mattress cover will help you breathe easier through the night. This is because it eliminates dust mites which can cause you to start sneezing. Even if you’re allergic to pet dander or dust, the mattress cover will make sure that these don’t bother you as they are protecting the mattress.

These dust mites love to hang out in the mattress and live off of dead skin. Because it’s hard to clean your mattress, this means that a dirty environment will cause these bugs to thrive.

In addition, having a mattress cover will make sure that there is no dead skin living in the microscopic cracks of your mattress.

However, if you buy a mattress cover, you will be able to throw it in the washing machine and get rid of all of the dust mites and other bugs. That also means that you will be able to wash away any pet dander or other allergens that could be causing you trouble breathing.

If you have sensitive skin, a mattress cover may also be a good solution for you. Sometimes the mattress itself can make you feel itchy or have other things that you can’t see on it.

However, by having the cover, that means that you will be able to periodically and easily wash it to get rid of whatever was bothering you.

People use mattress protection in places like hospitals or nurseries so that they can protect vulnerable people to these allergies and irritants and so they can clean and replace them easily.

Keep your mattress clean

6. Maintain Mattress Quality

Another reason you may want to consider buying a mattress cover would be to keep the condition of your mattress in as good of a quality as it can be.

If you sweat at night or spill any kind of liquid on your mattress, this will wear down the foams that are in your mattress. This shortens the life of the comfort of your mattress, which is not ideal.

Think about a sponge that you use over and over and over. Eventually, you can’t use that sponge anymore and it’s not even good. The same thing will happen to your mattress.

Without a protector, you will need to replace your mattress more frequently which will be more expensive.

Some experts suggest that by using a mattress protector, you add ten more years of use to your mattress.

How to Choose the Right One

Now that you know all the reasons why you should but a cover for your mattress, you may have trouble deciding which one you should get.

However, we have you covered with that as well.

If you are buying a cover online, read the reviews! You won’t know if you’ll like the mattress protection until you try it on your own mattress, but reading what other people have had to say about it can be a good place to start narrowing options down.

See if people are talking about how soft or cooling it is, and then start looking at ones that are described that way.

Another good indicator to see how soft it is could be to find out what material it’s made from. Most of them are water resistant but are still breathable.

You also want to see how long the protectors say that they could protect your mattress for.

Most covers for mattresses will get rid of liquid right after the contact happens, but only a few covers can keep away constant exposure. Most of them are water resistant; not waterproof.

Buy a Mattress Protector Today

A mattress protector does just that — protects your mattress. But there are so many benefits that come from that.

If you have just bought a new mattress, you most likely want to invest in one.

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