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Sleeping in Separate Beds: 3 Reasons It Can Help You Sleep

sleeping in separate beds

Should You be Sleeping in Separate Beds?

Outside the box (or bed) ideas to help you sleep

There are few things that make you feel close and connected to someone as sharing the same bed. And for many people, a partner next to them at night is a soothing presence that becomes essential for getting a good night of sleep. But for some others, that bedmate may be exactly what is causing them to get fitful, restless sleep. If you have been struggling to get the rest you need, it may be time to consider sleeping in separate beds. Here’s are three reasons why:

Have More Control Over Your Sleep Environment

There is no one right way to get yourself to fall asleep. Some people like total darkness and absolute silence, while others prefer to have the glow and murmur of a television lull them to sleep. If you and your partner have wildly different preferences, sleeping in separate beds gives each of you more control over your own bedroom environment. That may require sleeping in separate rooms entirely, but for something as fundamental as sleep that is a sacrifice you may want to make.

Pick Your Mattress and Bed Preferences

If people are picky about bedrooms, they are even pickier about the beds themselves. Some people like a soft mattress while others like (or need) something more supportive. Some like to sleep under an electric blanket while others prefer to keep it cool. And one area that a lot of couples disagree on is having pets in the bed. By moving to separate beds, you no longer have to fight over the bed space or settle for an uncomfortable environment.


Create Space Between You and Your Partner

As we said at the outset, sharing a bed is great at bringing people together. But once one or both partners fall asleep the exact opposite can be true. If one partner tosses and turns, snores, has different sleeping/waking schedules, or gets up frequently, it can prove to be a huge disruption for the other partner. That problem is eliminate entirely when both of you have your own mattress.

Is Sleeping in Separate Beds the Solution for You?

You’re probably hesitant to rearrange your bedroom and invest in a new mattress until you know for sure that this is the cure for your sleep woes. Here is a simple test – do you sleep better or worse when your partner in not in the bed with you? Think of the times when you have traveled separately. If you got a deeper more restful night of sleep and were not racked with separation anxiety, sleeping in separate beds might be an option worth pursuing further.

Everyone Sleeps Great at Beloit Mattress

Maybe you need a second bed, or maybe you just need a new mattress for the two of you to share. Either way, the team at Beloit Mattress can help with all of your sleep needs. Use our free eBook to help you consider your options, then visit us in person when you’re ready to start trying mattresses.

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