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Dorm Essentials List. College Dorm Essentials You Can’t Live Without.

dorm essentials list

Must-Have Dorm Essentials for Your First Year Away

Make your first dorm room feel like home. Heading off to college for the first time can produce both excitement and anxiety. As much as you’re eager to make new friends, experience a new environment, and embrace college life, it’s hard not to be nervous about moving away from home and being away from everything that’s familiar. An easy way to ease this anxiety is to create a dorm room space where you feel comfortable, basically a home away from home.

Here are 10 things you will want to have your first year away:

  1. Mini Fridge: Being able to keep your favorite foods and beverages cold and close at hand is a big comfort, especially once you start getting sick of the cafeteria food.
  2. Mirror: You’ll want to put your best face forward in your first weeks and months at college. Having a full-length mirror makes it a lot easier to feel confident when you head out on campus.
  3. Secure Storage: There is no guarantee that you will love your roommate. Having a secure place like a small safe to store things such as cash and credit cards can eliminate a lot of everyday worries.
  4. Shower Caddy: Since you will likely be sharing showers, you will have to carry all your bath products with you to and from the stall. Get a caddy to make the daily trip a lot easier on yourself.
  5. Bed Lifts: Storage is at a premium in a dorm room, and not all dorm beds offer much clearance underneath. Bed lifts open up space where you can keep books, towels, snacks, etc.
  6. Air Fresheners: The small, shared space of a dorm room can quickly get funky, and many dorm windows open only partially or not at all. A subtle air freshener can knock out many offending odors.
  7. Correct Sheets: To accommodate sleepers of all sizes, dorm mattresses tend to be extra long as the standard size. Be sure to bring extra-long sheets to cover the extra distance.
  8. Dorm Topper: One of the biggest differences between your dorm room and your room at home is your mattress. Instead of tossing and turning, bring along a dorm topper. This simple mattress cover turns even the hardest, lumpiest mattress into an ideal sleep surface.
  9. Laptop Risers: You’re going to spend a lot of time on your laptop. Using risers helps elevate the computer to a position more comfortable for typing and reading, and also helps to keep the internal workings cool.
  10. Charging Station: In college, you’re always on the go and very dependent on your phone, computer, tablet, etc. A dedicated charging station makes it quick and easy to keep everything juiced up.


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